Student Accommodation

Our student accommodation in Midrand includes comfortable living quarters, study desks, communal cooking and social spaces.

Property Solutions

Whether you are selling your property, looking to purchase a property, or are in the market for a property rental, you can trust Star Property to help you through every step of the way

Mortgage Origination

When you need to secure a loan, and you have a property to use as collateral, mortgage origination is your best option

Maintenance Solutions

Our property maintenance team has experience covering all kinds of property emergencies and repairs, and can help you quickly get your home in the condition you want it to be in

Financial Services

Whether you need setup an investment, savings plan, or simply need advise on what options are available to you to make good financial investments, speak to one of our professional financial advisers and get expert and fast assistance

Car Sales

We have a large selections of quality and reliable used vehicles for you to choose from.

Paper Rolls

You might need paper rolls for your till machines, card machines, or to supply to your business divisions or clients.


Solar power offers you the ability to have constant and reliable electricity for your business at any time, without being disrupted by power outages and disruptions to the grid


Find out more about our shuttle and transport services.