Full Service

Our business model is based on simplicity. We want to make your experience seamless and aim to provide you with a a variety of solutions in one place, all from your mobile


Choose from a number of property solutions, whether you seek student accommodation or you are in the market for your first property, we have everything you need.

Quality Guaranteed

Every project we take on bares our signature: exceptional quality. Whether we are providing property maintenance services, or we are supplying you with paper rolls, the one consistent element you can rely on is star quality .


Meet The Team

The Star Group is a multi-service company with a focus on serving people’s core needs. Our ability to serve clients with different needs is made possible by our remarkable staff. The Star Group is a family of professionals with different skill-sets and backgrounds, and our diversity as a team is the reason why we can tailor our services to fit each clients unique and personal needs. Meet our team.




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